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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibitions are on display in our gallery on the 5th floor of the Hunt Library building at Carnegie Mellon University and are open to the public free of charge. We hope to see you here.

Exquisite Patterns in Nature

19 March – 30 June 2017

This exhibition includes selections of artwork and books from the Hunt Institute's permanent collections that are representative of, or inspired by, the fascinating configurations in the architecture of all organisms. Recognizing objects and creating order through groupings and repetition is one of the most basic ways humans make sense of the chaos of our world. Through this lens we find that the natural world is filled with patterns, from the silhouettes we observe from afar to the surfaces we see up close, and even to the cellular structures we can observe only with assistance. These patterns can be understood through mathematical theories or more simplified visualizations and are interpreted by scientists, laypeople and artists.

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